Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting Continuing Education Providers | Department of State (2024)

All health-related licensees/certificate holders and funeral directors are considered “mandatory reporters” under section 6311 of the Child Protective Services Law (23 P.S. § 6311). Therefore, all persons applying for issuance of an initial license or certificate from any of the health-related boards (except the State Board of Veterinary Medicine) or from the State Board of Funeral Directors are required to complete, as a condition of licensure, 3 hours of training approved by the Department of Human Services (DHS) on the topic of child abuse recognition and reporting.

As a condition of biennial renewal, you are required to complete 2 hours of approved training on the topic of child abuse recognition and reporting from an approved provider. If your license is close to expiration, we recommend that you check with the approved provider of your course to confirm the time-frame in which they plan to submit the results.

Continuing education results must be submitted electronically from the provider. This process can take up to seven days. If you have questions regarding the submission of the continuing education, please contact the approved provider directly before contacting the Board.

For more information on the mandatory reporting requirements, please read our FAQs.

ProviderApproved Number of HoursApproved for Continuing Education Credit for Professional LicenseesAudience Approved to TrainMethod of Delivery
Pennsylvania Child Welfare Resource Center3YesMandated and Permissive ReportersOnline
PA Family Support Alliance3YesMandated and Permissive ReportersOnline - 3 hour In-Person 3 and 6 hours available (Only 3 hours applicable)
PA Dental Association2 and 3YesDental
PA State Nurses Association2 and 3YesAny Health Related Licensee-Initial Application or Renewal

In-Person Or online at

PA Psychological Association2 and 3YesLicensed Psychologists, Nurses, Physicians and Mental Health Professionals

Home Study and In

Lehigh County Office of Children and Youth2 and 3YesMandated and Permissive Reporters

J&K Seminars3YesMandated and Permissive Reporters

In-Person, Live Webinar and Home Study

Bala Institute of Oral Surgery2YesDental Profession and Mandated and Permissive Reporters


PA Coalition Against Rape2 and 3YesMandated and Permissive Reporters

PA Chapter American Academy of Pediatrics2 and 3YesPediatric and Family Medicine Primary Care Professionals and PA Hospital Employees

Cedar Crest College2YesMandated and Permissive Reporters

PSCP: The Psychology Network3YesMandated and Permissive Reporters

Harrisburg Area Community College2 and 3YesMandated and Permissive Reporters

Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science2 and 3YesNew and Existing Licensees as Funeral Directors

NetCE3YesHealth Care Professional Seeking Licensure

Home Study and Online

Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association2YesPharmacists
ThePracticeMechanic 3YesMandatedandPermissive
E-Learning for Therapists, Inc.3YesMedical and Behavioral health serviceOnline
Three Rivers Adoption Council3YesMandated and Permissive
Wild Iris Medical Education Inc.2 and 3YesMandated and Permissive Reporters
West Chester University3YesPharmacist and Registered NurseIn Person
Relias LLC2 and 3YesMedical and Behavioral Health Service
​Salus University​2 and 3​Yes​PA Licensed Health Care Providers

​In PersonDr. Melissa

​Pennsylvania Medical Society​2 and 3​Yes​Physician Members of PAMEDOnline
​InforMed​2​Yes​Physicians and Health Care
​ Inc.​2 and 3​Yes​Mandated and Permissive Reporters​Online
Western PA Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery​3​YesDentists, Hygienists, dental assistants and dental receptionistsIn Person 724-223-0579
The Horsham Clinic3YesMandated ReportersIn Person
​ATrain Education, Inc.​3​Yes​Mandated Reporters​Online
​The Wise DC, Inc.​2​Yes​Chiropractors​Online
​PA Academy of General Dentistry2​YesDental Professionals

www.pagd.orgfor the live course schedule on-demand courses

​Villanova University Driscoll Hall​3​Yes​Healthcare Professionals​Online
​Pharmacist's Letter/Therapeutic Research Center​2​Yes​Pharmacists and Technicians​ Online
Got Your Back2YesMassage Therapist610-834-3992
Center for Excellence in Advocacy Support Center for Child Advocates3YesMandated and Permissive
Medbridge3YesOccupational and Physical Therapists, Speech-Language therapists, Pathologist, Audiologists and Athletic
PDH Academy2YesMandated and Permissive Reporters
NASW, Pennsylvania Chapter3yesLicensed Social Workers and Mandated ReportersIn Person
DHS University2 and 3YesMandated and Permissive ReportersIn Person
The Wright Center3YesMandated and Permissive ReportersIn Person or Online
Penn State College of Medicine3YesMandated and Permissive ReportersOnline
Healthcare Training Institute2YesMandated and Permissive 317-348-0121
Last Minute CEU's2YesRespiratory
Continued2YesMandated and Permissive;
Nursing Continuing Education3YesRN, LPN, APRN

Workshops Express2 and 3YesMandated and Permissive Reporters


718-608-6000 TTY 718-701-0385

Healthcare Compliance Solutions, LLC2YesMandated and Permissive ReportersIn Person 724-924-0997
Central Reach

2 and 3


Intensive Behavioral Health Service Providers



Online Continuing ED, LLC3
YesMandated and Permissive ReportersOnline
UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh Child Advocacy Center2YesMedical StaffIn Person
Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia2YesMandated and Permissive Reporters
CypherWorx Inc3YesMandated and Permissive ReportersOnline
Biologix Solutions2 and 3YesMandated and Permissive ReportersOnline 630-984-0093
WebCE2YesMandated and Permissive Reporters, Licensed Funeral
Postgraduate Healthcare Education, LLC3YesMandated and Permissive 800-825-4696
#1 Premiere CE

2 and 3


Mandated and Permissive Reporters
​Temple University School of Social Work
​Mandated and Permissive Reporters
​CE Zoom
​Health Related Professionals
​Online -
​Melissa Lucarelli
​Health Related Professionals

​Funeral Continuing Education
​ Mandated and Permissive Reporters 718-608-6000
​Jamaica Bay Community Developement


​Nurses and Medical Professionals​Online
#1 Accelerated CE's
​Mandated and Permissive Reporters
​The Massage Mentor Institute



Massage Therapists


​ Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Social Workers​Online:
​Mission Kids Child Advocacy Center of Montgomery County



Mandated Reporters as defined by the PA CPSL, 484-687-2990
Clym Environmental Services



Medical or Dental Professionals, 724-924-0048​
​Nursing CE Central



LPN, RN Advanced Practical Nurses
Colibri Healthcare LLC (was Elite)2 and 3YesMandated and Permissive Reports


HealthStream3YesHealthcare professionals/clinicians
Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting Continuing Education Providers | Department of State (2024)
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